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"Hurricane Katrina: We Gon' Bounce Back" (2005)

Them People lyrics - 504 boyz (feat. Yogi, Halleluyah & Jazzy)

Oh Shit
There go them people
Yo why these motherfucking people keep fucking with me man
Me and my niggas..uhh..

[Hook x2: Krazy {Halleluyah}]
I'ma run, on the block, with a gun
Cause I think I hear them people coming {I here them coming nigga}
And if it's beef, on the block, then it's done
I think I hear that chopper humming {I hear it humming nigga}

[Verse 1: Yogi]
I think I'll take this here bundle and stash it by the bushes
Them laws riding deep and I don't really wanna push it
Plus I got a pistol for them jackaz that be scoping
I gotta keep it on me if them people come, I'm josting
And that's the guidelines that I live and I die by
Niggaz walk up on ya broad day, fuck a drive-by
And if a witness still left in they never leave ya nothing
I gotta run whodi, I hear them people coming

[Verse 2: Jazzy]
3 in the morning them niggaz still getting it
Glocks in my pants, Rocks in my hand
Fiend after fiend taking penitentionary chance
I guess them p's thought that it could be my last thing
They serve things quick on some get down friend shit
My first mind told me to grab mine 'n squeeze quick
So I let loose and let that thing start humming
It wouldnt'a never happened if I wouldnt'a heard them coming

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Krazy]
I scream No Limit dog cause I'm a keen breather
I'm all set tatted up in a wife beater
And my niggaz cross the canal they love me mane
Before this rap shit, dog I was slanging 'caine
My bitches all love to see my tat on my face
I'ma hit 'em with that thing that's below my waist
I'm the realest motherfucker that No Limit got
Find another nigga realer then me, Think of 'Pac
I could touch y'all haters from a mile away
My real friends all call me "Doc Holiday"
Whether I get richer not mailing least I try
And if a nigga said it i'ma hold that nigga life

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Halleluyah]
I'm on the hustle for the bucks like a round the clock
I gotta cheese line of fiends pumped around the block
I keeps it gangsta, the boy stay "Dirty" like "Hampers"
And a 30-30 sound like a bang of the hammer nigga
By any means gotta get it like Malcolm
Keep the semi in my jeans you could figure the outcome..OH
You keep doubting and my niggaz'll come
I suggest you play like you hear them people and run
I'm the realist to ever do it
I got it locked on the block with them grams, Cuz i'm hot with the music
Keep the thang in my hand, Man I like how I use it
Catch a hot one, watch a 4 blow like its fuses

[Hook x2]

Man..How these punk police man they keep tryna pull us over man
These punk fucking fedz keep taping our phones and shit man
We ain't tripping man, Ya'll motherfuckers can't stop us man
I hear that chopper humming
Nigga holla heads up when them people coming
New No Limit baby we gon do this shit
Nigga til the game over and the game ain't never over

D-Boys lyrics - 504 boyz (feat. Halleluyah, Rowdy & Playa)

Whats happening lil' one
What's happening....P just dropped that work off on me ya heard me
I know y'all hungry, come holla at ya boy
It's all gravy ya heard me

[Hook x2: Halleluyah]
[See I'm a] certified D-Boy, servin' all the fiends
Got onions, got slabs, got cookies, got creams
I'm a certified D-Boy heavy on the Ave.
Got the hood on lock, keep the block on smash

[Verse 1: Halleluyah]
Now I was born in it, got the hustler inside of me
See I'm gone get it through drug trade or robbery
Streets I'm committed like a grown man'll prolly be
Walk down the aisle with gun shells that follow me
But I'm a prop like the Fortune 500
Got stacks in my pocket man I'm tossing out hundreds (Tossing out hundreds)
I see the corner boys holler out I'm coming
A quarter's 150 you could flip for 600
[Yea Yea] that's real hustling
Ain't nobody struggling my nigga we getting money (Getting money)
[Yea Yea] we in the gutter but we found a way to come up off of dimes and twenty's

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Rowdy]
This block living gotta nigga strapped
Going back and forth to my stash
Making sure my shit still stashed
It's 'round my way fiends be all in the grass
Looking for boulders anything they seeing they smoking
Ain't none of that, bitch all your fronts get cracked
With the back of the gat, out'cha one full of that gat
Gotta watch out for them niggaz that be pulling off jacks
Jumping out the stolen ride dressed down in all black
[Ok] ready to attack any nigga who ain't looking like uppin'
And fuck it then nigga cop back and bust his shit
Must of been material things that's more important to him
It don't matter, nigga fucked around and put spot thru him
Knot the hole thru him you know how they do him
Stomach hurting form they habbits, now they coming to do ya
Pursue you like a short term goal it's necessary
That's why a nigga like me be on my post with them 2's for him

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Playa]
Time I catch a fake nigga, I'm a size him up, like
Where the money, where the dope, bitch give it up
If I think of one second that ya tryna' press ya luck
I'm slinging 'em out the chamber with 2 clips to ya gut
My family gotta eat and my pockets full of dust
So bitch niggaz get ready for the bum rush
From the 3 to the East, I'm lurkin' (I'm lurkin')
With a bunch of hungry niggaz on the line and they working
Thank it's a game, come on let me catch ya slippin'
Letting ya nuts hang, that 'K' will have ya slipping
My daddy told me make a nigga pay attention
Get the money and the power and the respect and a nigga gettin' some
Dam a quarter key 'll put a nigga on his feet
But I rather lamp down and get me a 100 free
Most niggaz catch it from the blind side
Cause ya dumb enough to stop at red lights and stop signs

[Hook x2]

Bounce Back lyrics - 504 boyz

[Hook 2x]
After the storm, After the rain
After the morning, After the pain
We gon...Bounce Back..Bounce Back..Bounce Back..Bounce Back

[Verse 1: Master P]
Told me, It's a fire {get out}
This the big one, I'm in the hood with the homies still hitting one
I ain't going nowhere, Still struggling
We on the block, fuck the game, still hustling
I get my money from the streets stacking big papers
I'm on the block strapped, Mane i'm ready for the haters
Check the news mane, We don't move mane
We in that "Calliope Projects" playing cool games
I wanna bad bitch just like Trina
Fuck around, came harder, came Katrina
I got 'em shaking and baking, We getting paper like bacon
They call us rapper G's, Mane why the media hating
I'm so hood these hands so good
Man I ain't leaving cause I'm stuck in the woods
I'm living this thug life, Serve a bud light
Used to riding on 24's with a chrome bite

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Halleluyah/{Master P}]
Now let me tell you we gon bounce back, bounce back
I'm straight New Orleans like a bounce track, bounce track
Now look lil' daddy we been bout that, bout that
{A moment of silence for everybody that lost it all}
You gon see that we gon get it how we living
How we living is the realist whether in 'n out of prison
I mean we keep it gutter people sweating gotta feel that pass
Sack of dreads, twisting wrist blinging we in it mane
My city under siege but believe we gon breathe
It brings the dead like a book wrote by Steven King
Its real life not a movie no second takes
No saying cut just President saying heaven sakes
I gotta tell it straight, We real as they gon come
We not standing down, My city never done
I gotta tell it straight, We real as they gon come
My city not standing down, Mane we never done

[Hook x2]

"Goodfellas" (2000)

Roll Roll - 504 boyz (feat. Krazy)

Ain't no block too hot
Me and my niggas bout to open up shop
Hot boy nigga grab the glock
So me and my niggas we can sell our rocks
Ain't no block too hot
Me and my niggas bout to open up shop
Hot boy nigga grab the glock
So me and my niggas we can sell our rocks

[Master P:]
Every bag of that raw
We hustle in the park
From dusk to dawn nigga
From dawn to dark
Now if you tweakin, boy
You better be creepin
But if you beefin, nigga
You bout to be sleepin
Me and my dogs
We don't fuck with you cats
Go to the pen
Don't fuck with no rats
See this shit is real
I sleep with one eye open
See in the ghetto
Niggas gotta be pistol totin
A thousand fuckin' grams
That's what I'm workin' with
Come short on the D
You know what you twerkin' wit
It's murder
I represent the third ward
We tote mac 11's
If I die, write my name in the sky
My niggas bust yo' ass
Yall gon' know why (baby)

Roll roll roll ya dough
Up and down the street
On the first and fifteenth you don't have my money
Me and my boys we gon' bring that heat (ya heard me)

It's a problem
I ain't get my hands dirty wit ya
??? gon' come get ya
Chopper split ya
A young soldier
Plottin' to rule the world with riches
Ask P to use this Hummer so I can fuck some bitches
Run the block all week
Trying to dodge the cops
Niggas prayin' on my death before my album drops
My niggas wearin wires
Feds tappin' my phone
Send a check to IRS so they can leave me alone
Told my dog believe you we can rule the world
He didn't listen
He'd rather stuff his nose with furl
They found him dead in the project
Brains on the ground
When you a fiend
That's the way the game go down


I'm from the ? chopper too!
Come fuckin' around wit me ain't no tellin' what I'ma do!
Put my foot so far up yo' ass I'd probably lose my shoe!
That nigga chokin!
Motherfucker coughin' up blood
Well fuck the ?????
You don't want that drama to come to you!
Yo' mama to come do you!
Cuz HOT IRON will run ya through ya!
You and yo' dudes don't be around cuz you'll catch a contact
If you ain't got beef wit a nigga
Don't be 'round beef
You won't be on yo' back

Oh it ain't my fault
We'll dead these niggas
Can't move we infrared these niggas
We'll do these niggas
Black proof these niggas
Close casket these boys
Black suit these niggas
We'll blast these niggas
Walk past these niggas
And ride on these bustas
Just keep mashin these niggas
And after we do it
We'll toss the tec
And ghetto
Plus I know not else but to fuckin' floss the set
You ain't gotta ask who's hot
Who's on top
I gotta question to ask yall foreal
Tru or not
If I got two guns
I'm sure one gon' bust
If I got two niggas wildin' out
When I bust, one gon' duck
The one that's wildin' the most
That's the one I'ma bust
He still trippin' after that
I'ma give him two cuz he don't think one was enough


Big Toys - 504 boyz

What what what what what

Who talkin noise?
We makin noise
504 boy
Playin with them big toys

Motherfuckers its mac
The one who pump slugs in your back
Lyrical attacka
Keep it ghetto like black lacqua
Camo'd assasin
To the best (?) the epitomy
Of a soulja
Bustin like I got chips up on my shoulda
Hold your horses
I come through like "whatchu wanna do?"
Murder who?
I kill that whole crew with a 2-2
These niggaz rookie
I crush em like pink cookies
Dont fuck with me
When im broke
Pissed off
And my bitch aint given me no nookie
Kinda glad P took me
Off the streets to make duckies
Now I take supermodels to hotels
And make whoopie
Pull they hair
Call em out they names
Dont you like that?
Then I give my lil sister the cash
So she strike that
Niggaz like mac
Rock mercedez benz toe bustas
And I only shop at them military
Stores cousin
Solja rag on my eyes till I die
Nigga what?
Im a Tank Dogg
These niggaz is just mutts

[Chorus (X2)]

My nigga Jeff just got 30 years
Fuck MC
Went in a house
Found a safe with about 3 bricks
Thats that punk bitch Deuce-A
Sweatin my niggaz
He wont rest until my whole click's
Doin some figgaz
Can we ride on my enemy's late tonite?
A young nigga
With a .45
Bustin on site
What I might
Is whether (?) bleed with passion
See this drug game to me
Is like a fatal attraction
Salvation from this life
Thats what I need
See these jealous ass niggaz
Wont let me breathe
Will I succeed in this cold world?
Pray for me please
I dont get caught up in this rap life
A dying disease
Over seas is where they come from
We know who sent them
If them bitches six-teenth
I believe ill get them
I aint fuckin with no new niggaz
Believe im ballin
If I ever go to jail
Big Boz im callin
Will my real niggaz ride for me?
Believe they will
If I get killed
Bring me back to the IvoryVille

[Chorus (X2)]

They say only god can judge me
My peepz say "yeah there be world war 3
Prolly in the year 2 G
But livin this street life
Im thuggin and ready to rumble
With any nigga that ready to tussle
I feel as if im at the edge of my life
So I give it to them raw
In the heat of the night
I aint hard to find
Im the nigga with the two 9's
Next to the Last Don
Nigga thugged out for mine
A Made Man
The Bossalinie of the scenery
And be full of that greenery
When you peepin me
Im full of that crime family
Im on the grind and I can handle that
I aint trappin
I gotta weigh that shake
Ima hit them with these ghetto ingredients
Some ghetto dope
Go round tweekin
And get D.I.G.
Thats me im a young nigga
Fuck around with me dog
And y'all get done nigga

[Chorus (X4)]

Whodi - 504 boyz

[Master P:]
our mission is to get money, power, and bitches, ya heard me?
ha ha (hootie hoo)

[Chorus (2x):]
where you at whodi? (im ova here whodi)
Im in dat 5, dat 0, to da 4, ya heard

We drive Excursions with TV's
Bubble eye humvees
A mouth full of gold teeth
and i represent that CP3
Where my niggaz on the block boy
Open up shop boy
and they'll kill ya for them rocks boy
Gimme some money, dollars
and imma give you 400 back
Give it to me in powder and imma change it into crack
Im tryna change my life but im tired of bein broke
Thats why i post up with my niggaz and we hustle by the store

[Chorus (2x)]

(Where you at whodi?)
Im ova here shaggy
Smokin my do-do in the mo-mo in the black navi
Bitches will love to have me, because im livin lavish
Ill take some pussy but head is what really makes me happy
Im downtown in the 9th ward, Saint Claude
Friday night when the boulevard is full of beacoup broads
Im on the scene full of Henny
New Orleans love me so i aint gotta spend a fuckin penny
I let em know that im a 504 boy from across the Canal...

...And im from the 12th, i run by myself
and if you cant tell, im bad for your health
Bitch im the man, keep up if you can
Yall niggaz cant stand it
When i come with them uptown niggaz
from the 504 with a gun in both hands
Im the tracks, im the wheel on the tanks
I live on the bill in the banks
I come in and do my thang
Where the muthafucka that think im playin?

[Chorus (2x)]

[Mr. Marcello:]
Life in the bricks, believe me niggaz we live it
If they aint made it yet then bitch they gotta build it
Money to the ceiling, i used to sell rocks on blocks
Fuckin round wit Master P, nigga got NY socks
Wodie im hot, enough cash to buy yall blocks
Trucks...hold, i got NYPD locked
Im a killa nigga, raw dog guerrilla nigga
Try to download the spot cuz willow was hot nigga

When i come through i come through wild
come through foul, come through loud
Run through the crowd, run 2000
Come through this kickin like its kung-fu style
>From the front to the rear whodi, its No Limit year whodi
(Yo Silkk where you at?)
Im in this No Limit gear whodi

[Chorus (2x)]

Where you at?
Im over here, in the project on the block
Im C-Murder, im bout dat drama nigga
Fuck you and your mamma
Incarcerate me if you could
But you gotta find me in the hood
Im foreva gettin blunted
Nigga, No Limit niggaz keep comin
Never runnin from them bitches
Dumpin fools up in ditches
And snitches, i give em muthafuckin stitches
Dat 504, tha Calliope, we rattle street and rust ya blade
Duck nigga, watch yo head, it could be ya early grave
Check your rearview, lock them doors
Beat your hoes and cock ya shit
Count your money by the bit
and get tru niggaz in your click
N-O, L-I, M-I to the T
is just a bunch of crazy muthafuckas just like me

[Chorus (4x)]

[Wild Wayne talking until fade]

Wobble Wobble - 504 boyz

Yo', this Jay-tweezie keeping it live for the heezie
For cheezy with them 504 Boyz you dig, check it
This here is to played loud as possible
Preferably in residential neighborhoods and night clubs
Grab your shorty and let's go


Now won't you wobble wobble
Let me see you shake it, shake it
Now won't you drop it, drop it
Ohh, take it, take it [2x]

You already know what's happenin' when I step in this bitch
And I know you've heard of me, cause I'm right there off of GT and (?)
You've been 'bout serving it, every since you heard my song
I got you bucked up, you want that camouflage love, huh
You got me fucked up
I just want to see you wobble, like your momma's won that lotto
Like your daddy full of that bottle
Like your brother when he caught them hollows
Like them GT bitches, them sank these riches, them No Limit bitches
Them boss bitches who 'bout they riches, and it ain't no secret
They want that soldier dick that you only get from that soldier clique
That Whoa! bitch I told ya' dick, 'welling up
We drop it like it's hotter, from the dance floor to the Ramada
Giving up them peso's, I thinks nada, look


[Master P]
Now when you shake that ass, I get rocked up
You got a boyfriend boo (Wootay, my man locked up)
Everytime you wobble wobble it gets me horny
So I can ride that ass from the night until in the morning
I could respect your mind, if you could respect the game
Is it cool to fuck, or is this about some change


[Magic and Silkk]
I like it when I see 'em at the club, shaking that thang
Girl you really got me thinking 'bout taking that thang, come here
Now when they wobbly, wobbly, ass bouncing everywhere
The way she drop it like that, I can't help but to stare
Got a nigga saying "Ohhh girl"
Come a little closer, I'm trying to make you out my boo girl
Don't move girl, I'm on my way to the floor baby
Coming for mine, want to see if you can really shake it
Let's bump and grind, girl you did that
The way you bounce it and shake it, you know I'm with that
I'm trying to get that, cause you got me rock hard
Ohh my God, got me humpin it, humpin it, huh, humpin like a dog, woof


Back your ass, Whoo, the fuck up
I thought I told you, put your meanest face on for me
And them steel-toe boots, gonna stomp your ass
Want it, hunt it, some old niggas ready to jump your ass

[Skull Dugrey]
I'll be there for you baby, just beep me
Start paging soldier, when you want a freak male
I like freaking at your man's house, when he leave I toot
What would he say if he knew that I was sexing you

Let me see you wobble then shake it, then baby pop it, don't break it
You want love let's make it, I just can't wait 'til you naked
You lick your lips it makes me hard,
daydreamin' of screamin' and fiendin'
You creamin' for sex, that you gonna get this evening
Ya' heard me


We them 504 Boyz, huh, we them 504 Boyz

Check 'Em - 504 boyz (feat. Traci)

[Master P]
Who dat call the police
Yo ma called the police
I got five on the lips
But I ain't payin for the ass
You just got yo hair fixed
So can you pump a nigga gas
Now when you ridin in my truck can you pick a nigga dick
I got a boonapolist so can you be my trick
C-Murder called you hoes like some fuckin crash dummies
It ain't love when the motherfucking sex cost money
I ain't dissin you hoes
I just don't love you hoes
In yo raggedy ass Girbauds
When you swangin on them poles
Now if you trippin then you know you livin trife
And if you dippin I can't put you in my life
Cause all hoes suck dick
Let me tell you dog hoes you fuckin with
See i don't play no games and i don't sweat no hoes
(But you Master P) Well bitch take off your clothes
Talk that shit now roll with it
Ya warefare check hoe go get it

[P] Check dem hoes
[Traci] Check dem niggas [4x]

Check dem hoes nigga is you crazy
You can stunt all you want but that shit don't phase me
(?) in front yo boys like you made me nigga
I hold my own ????????
Reppin like you gon shine
Nigga you is a waste of time
Gettin that ho to step to me
I gets down for mine
Me and my girls we don't play no games
Fuck you lames
When you walkin on side of me
I'm bringin you pain
You can talk that shit about suck yo dick
Get a grip
Broke bitch you ain't the shit
You know who you fuckin wit
Drop a baby for you
Nigga you must be sick
Got no time for the lies all niggas is tricks


[P] Who dat call the police
Yo ma called the police
[Traci] Who dat call the police
Yo pa call the police
[P] Dem hoes call the police
[Traci] Dem niggas call the police
[P] Check dem hoes
[Traci] Check dem niggas
[P] Talk that shit now roll wit it
Yo warefare check ho go get it

(911 operator, did someone dial 911?)

Uptown - 504 boyz

Did you call a taxi
[Master P]
Where you going my brother
[Master P]
Uptown. Ya heard me Calliope 36-49 go cross the Bra
Bridge and make a left

[Chorus: Suga Bear (repeat 2x's)]

I'll be hangin uptown (hangin)
With my niggas
Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea

[Master P]
Uptown baby, don't clown baby
It's going down baby, I'm with my rounds baby
Uptown CP3, nigga my block stay hot
You rally dirty war, nigga I got it on lock
From the Mac to the Meph to the Calliope
Nigga in the bricks at night fool anything goes
Rose Tavern is the spot were I stash the glock
Hoody Hoo, Run forest here comes the cops
Nigga second line badge where my peeps get killed
R.I.P. T' shirts nigga to remember the real
Sam Skulley got killed and Big Glen got Life
My lil cousin Jimmy did 8
but now he's trying to change his life

[Chorus 2x's]

Now let me take you to the land of the choppers
pussy poppers and body droppers
crooked cops and quarter shops
when the cop shopper
you get your hands on a a bird
don't say a word
there is a million coke spots with no coke to serve
when you see them nigga swerve in the Lexus
and you can't get no buss pass
to get your ski mask, and get a click
but make sure it niggas you been fucking with get a bitch
bout that murder, murder and sucking dick
on the slick doe, cause they pulling akickdoes
and I think it was them nigga out that Thomas
cause they had them black macs and bombers
but you didn't hear that me, I can't talk, I can't see
look matter fact when it happen, I was overseas with P
and that how a nigga be, I be on GT with wears and boots
when them fucking people spin in, my niggas holla "OOP OOP"
and if a nigga find ya, we second line behind ya
blow some ganja in your memories
sportin Tee's to remind ya we still

[Chorus 2x's]

Now if you looking for me playa
when I'm down in the city
you wanna get with me then hit me
or come in that Calliope and get me
for real ask Whine and Eyes
I be down in the cut
me, Boo Gee and Tee Dee
we be tearing shit up
feel my rounds, uptown them tuff guys on the block
just like Slim and Marcello
they got that Nolia on lock
and that Rose Tavern
I'm chillling right in front of Randall pictures
they hit cha but ask Victor
where gonna always be with cha
I'll let Lil Cory tell a story while he down in the 5th
I hit the spliff, pass the twirk and yell CP3
We make a move and bounce the House of Blues
full of Tequila, we left the dagger shop
them po po's sweating the block
and now it's back to the Calliope
(it's back to the Calliope)
the driveway of the middle of 3rd Ward code
I represent it lil daddy
cause it's a Calliope thing
and uptown is the place where I chill and hang

[Chorus 2x's]

I Can Tell - 504 boyz (feat. Jamo, Mac, Mercedes)

You ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you want to fuck

And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

No, No, No you ain't gotta say to much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

Now you ain't gotta say much cuz I was peepin you
Lookin at yo hips got me thinkin bout how deep
In you um tryin to go
You heard about No Limit Soldiers?
We get up in it and hit it harder then De La Hoya
I thought I told you soldier draws
Cover my balls, Um known for rippin the pussy walls
I heard you got that kill
I can see all in yo grill
Can you ride me like a black Mercedes?
And make me do that shit I never did with other ladies?
I got a woman so i'm not lookin for love
I just wanna fit yo glove
Get a couple of uh-uh's
And I'm out just like a thug
And uh, hit me on my pager if you want it
Its soldier passion
So get up on it if you want it WHOA-WHOA!!!!

[Beginning of Chorus-Jamo]
You ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

No, No, No you ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

[End of Chorus-Mercedes]
And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

Put me on the counter in the kitchen
Now baby pour my body with some ice cream
Lick me from head to toe
Bending me over
69 will be the next thing
I wanna taste your body all night long
From sun up to sun down I wanna make you moan

[Beginning of Chorus-Jamo]
You ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

No, No, No you ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

[End of Chorus-Mercedes]
And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

Can I light a candle?
And kiss you in the places light won't show
I'll take my time and do it slow
I'll do my oral exercises
Right between your thighs
It's so very pleasurable, I'll go places he won't go
Lets keep it on the low-low
So he won't know
Now lets take it to the floor

[Beginning of Chorus-Jamo]
You ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

No, No, No you ain't gotta say too much
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you wanna fuck

[End of Chorus-Mercedes]
And you ain't gotta call me ya boo
Just as bad as you wanna fuck
I wanna fuck too

If You Real, Keep it Real - 504 boyz

Be all you can be
This No Limit shit tho...
We in this for life
This not just a job baby
This an adventure, ya heard me?

Now if you real, keep it real
But if you fake, then you phony
Go join the navy,
You can't fuck with this army

[Master P]
I gave a couple niggaz some tanks and I want 'em back
Nigga sent me some beats...But I don't want that
In '89 I had a Benz, you ain't had a buck
I bought your only fuckin house, and your first fuckin truck
You pawn your rolley boy? doin' bad?
Stop trickin' to them hoes, and you wouldn't be on your ass
Now when times got hard
You ran your mouth like a bitch
Sold your soul to the devil, when you ran with other cliques
You ain't no soldier boy
Take that tat off your stomach
Nigga talkin' bout he love me
But bitch you love my money
Now if greed come between me and my niggaz
May god bless his soul
And I hope he forgive me


[Silkk The Shocker]
These fake niggaz gon' fall off
We gonna be around for a minute
Thats why niggaz, shoot shots and run
We stick around and finish
Now...see me dogg?
I'm around to win it
And I don't fuck around with you niggaz
Stop step the fuck away from around my Bentley
I'm bought to blow off these fake niggaz head
Sayin' "whats wrong with Slim?"
Them niggaz fake P
That's why theres no fuckin' songs with them
We put our money together
Just like we started with crack
We let a couple niggaz shine
We bought to take it back
You know its mic's now nigga
We started with gats
Let a nigga play me on the streets
So dogg, I ain't gonna start with this rap
Gonna let them fake niggaz go
Thats how we gonna settle down
If we hustle we stil be rich bitch...if we never rap


[P talking till the end of the song]

Beefing - 504 boyz

(Let's go get this bitch ass nigga)
Let me tell you a little story about...
About this nigga I knew...
This nigga I knew...


You was my nigga, now we beefin'
Im bustin' at you
You bustin' at me
And it wont stop till we both sleepin'

(It's world war nigga)
(Check this shit out)


[Verse 1]
We was claimin' the same hood
Fucked the same bitches (same bitches)
And they knew
If I hit it, you had to hit it too
We was crew
You was with me when I first pulled the trigger
You tried to shoot too, but your gun jammed
So we pulled off..ya remember?
I hid by your mama house for a couple of days
Cause the niggaz we was beefin' with knew where I stayed
We were some down south niggaz
Bootin' 'em out niggaz
The wrong route niggaz...
Typical niggaz
We just nickel and dime it
Sellin' the needy
Everything be 50-50
Ain't no need for being greedy
You my dogg, huh? (For sho' bro)
So thats how we played it
Niggaz who hated...
We rushin' them and demonstrated
While we ain't to be faded
On this mission to get money, power, and bitches
Or whatever come along with these riches
That's if nobody snitches
I'd do a BID for ya
Take care of your KID for ya
But damn!
Look what these pussy niggaz done did to ya

[chorus in the background during the talking]

-Yeah, nigga, whats happenin'?
-Whats happenin' with ya dogg?
-Nigga, whats happenin' with you nigga?
Talking about you got some beef with me nigga
-Beef wit' you? Nigga you know I'm a real nigga,
If I had some beef with you,
I'd come to you like a man dogg...It ain't like that between us
See what it is, is...
You talkin' to these niggaz...and these niggaz got you goin'

[Verse 2]
Them niggaz told you I blew up
And I forgot about us
The same niggaz who was with you and afraid to bust
How could you listen to these niggaz?
When they mean no good
Mothafuckers aint even from our hood
And know you snortin' furl with 'em
Off in that world with 'em
And Father forgive him
He dance to some other rhythm
Ever thought that we could work it out?
We would meet
But as long as you with them niggaz
I'll be with that heat
And thats deep
Cause I made a promise to your mama when we was only 12
I'll deliver you from evil and keep you alive and well
Guess I gotta disappoint her
But you leave me no choice...
Callin' my crib, with this murder-murder tone in your voice
What...I'm a bitch or somethin'?
I used to fight for ya
Used to let you stay at my mama crib
when shit jsut wasn't right for ya
Look what you do me in return...
I guess I played with fire
So eventually it burns

[chorus in the background]
-Hello? Hello?
Man this nigga done fuckin' hung up on me
Y'all think that nigga serious?


It's world war nigga

We Bust - 504 boyz (feat. Ghetto Commission, Krazy)

[Silkk talking]
Ok P, I think they done fucked up now, right?
We have to bring the headbusters down
From that 504, ya'll know wha w bout, ya heard me?

[chorus (Krazy) 1X]
These bitch niggas can't fuck wit' us
We bust
I guess I gotta show you niggas you could be touched.
Me and my souljas, we be bout, 50 deep
The life that we livin' we can't slip or sleep

I'm from that 405 backwards
WhereI fell in these tractors
Where niggas ride around wit' 20's spinnin' on adaptors.
I'm from the Terrordome
Where niggas sport hair and bone
And there's one major label in this city, and each is own.
No love for hos
Cuz they'll leave you wit' your shit exposed
Set you up
And get cut
And act like they don't know fuck
I'm from that dirty
Where niggas will kill behind that birdie
We use words like say brah and bitch you heard me.

War and collide
Fuck wit' us and fo' sho die
HIt yo' block from both sides
GC's sick and tired
These niggas don't play
Thinkin' it's a fuckin' game
Bitch hide you rear, but too, we struck to your fuckin' brain.
Better ask them niggas do they really want war
They'll tell you ah, nope, not wit' Spade dawg
Shit's real
Get your cap peeled
Feel your blood spill
Keep this snub, no steel
Cuz these thugs will kill

It's war wit' this six slugs
Known to sell drugs
Down south, thugged out, never gave a fuck
Everybody in this muthafucka down to bust
504, nothin' but murderas among us
Ghetto Commission rippin' them niggas up alone the choppers.
TSO know that the ghetto niggas street stoppers.
504, the Westbanks comin' real
504, them other niggas know the deal

[chorus 2X]

[Silkk the Shocker]
Nigga can't be fucked wit', dawg, nigga, no way.
We make niggas go to the FEDz, so they can relocate.
While ya'll do it for a couple of hours, we do it for the whole day.
If I gotta do somethin', shit, you know I gots ta hold weight.
War, we about that nigga
Fuck wit' my clique, I doubt that nigga
Leave the keys in the car, hop up out that nigga
Cuz we about the figgas
Still about the triggas
To myself, type of nigga that'llstay in the cut
Lil' quiet ass niggas, really don't say much
Hatas, confrence calls tomorrow, tryin' to make up.
No pistols play slim nigga, hardly lift no weights up.
Project nigga, sip Henny in a cup
19 on the Sedan, come through 20's on the truck.
Thugged out
NIgga, I love this clout
Put it down for my niggas, plus I love the South
See these niggas that I roll wit', don't gotta second guess that.
They'll put it there, where your chest at
Tank around my neck, ya'll better respect that
I don't fight, if you got hands (guns fire) you'll catch that.

[chorus 2X]

[Krazy talking]
Fuck it
Murder your muthafuckin' ass nigga
Ghetto Commission nigga
And that nigga Silkk
Haha, and Krazy
I'm just thuggin'
It's all love, babay
This No Limit shit deep nigga
You niggas can't swim
Don't get in the muthafuckin' water
Cuz you'll get a bomb bitch
We don't give a fuck
It's ain't no love
Nothin' but thugs

Thug Girl 2 - 504 boyz

where they at, where they at
where the thug girls at
(Over Here Whodi)
where they at, where they at,
where the thug girls at
(Over Here Whodi)
where they at, where they at
where the thug girls at
(Overe Here Whodi)
where they at, where they at

[Master P]
where the thug girls at out that 504
where the thug girls at out that 310
where the thug girls at out that 202
where the thug girls at claiming red and blue.

I heard you jockin' Master P cause he got a mercedes
A bubble eye hummer but the feds can't fade me
you just wanna ride girls jump inside
cause I'm a 3rd ward nigga til the day that I die
I only fuck with thug girls when I'm on tha block
and i don't mess with no hoes that say they hot
All my fighting girls grab da gat grab da gat
and all ya stuntin ass bitches step back (ya heard me)

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

where the thug girls at
(Over Here Whodi)
where they at, where they at

[Silkk the Shocker]
They wish they knew I want a girl like you
Well, girl gotta be from the hood, but you gotta know what to do
Like beta hold the bricks, beta hold the clips
but when night time comes u gotta ??? hold da sh....
Now from the streets give me the heat
you gotta know what to do wit it,
Taz hit ya you be like I dont know who did it
Take the ??? off you guys never be like you did it
Real chick only let you hit it
Respectin by my clique stayin by her man
In public business unload get wild and thangs
She's real thats why i took her money and ice her up
If a chick gets outta line respectin me she gonna slice her up
If I give her some money she gonna know how to flip that
and if I gotta go somewhere she gonna hold it down til I get back
so Hoody Hoo if you about doin somethin
and hoody hoo if you about doin no stuntin

[Chorus 4X]

It's about a fight tho we can fuck Baby waste no time
What you like in your drink girl lemon or lime
The way you shake on the dance floor got me hot
Lets Drive around the lake til we find the spot
I aint suprised that you gotta man baby its cool
Gimme one night with ya girl I bet you'll leave that fool
He probably thank you went to work when you came to the club
you aint lookin for afection you need a thug
I'll be straight up with you baby dont be his lady
A nigga like big lips cause I love some head
and if your girl wanna join I'm down with that
she can lick a niggas nuts while i hit ya from the back

[Chorus 4X]

[Master P]
There they go in that 212
There they go in that 402
There they go in that 305
There they go in that 415
There they go in that 219
There they go ,there they go, there they go,
There they go ,there they go, there they go,
Yo, Krazy Silkk Nigga, Grab a few of these thug girls
Let's go have one of those Gangsta Parties, ya heard me?
No Limit style we gonna ball til we fall
Soulja rest in all nigga

Life Is Serious - 504 boyz

[Chorus 2x's]
[Erica Foxx]
Life is serious out here on these streets
Got us curious but were just trying to eat

Why cry now inhale the pain is gone
Get your life back together it's time to move
I know it was your baby daddy I saw you kiss him
Hold up little boy screaming Jesus I miss him
Ain't nobody gonna treat you they way he did
He left you with biggest gift he made a kid
Now you grab him and smile remember your man
Even though the life you want it didn't go as plan
With no money for the baby never held a job
When the rent was due he always grab the chopper and ride
What you blushing I know you love my nigga
In the casket at 22 he didn't figure
You was mad at the funeral seeing his hoes
But he kept it real with you like an thug suppose
You chose to love my nigga that you met in the Ville
You gonna always love my dog even though he got killed

[Chorus 2x's]
[Master P]
Smile know Kendall I know you miss my nigga
Two kids to raise without an father figure
And your youngest son screaming my daddy going to heaven
You and Bobby Phills always suppose to be together
And everytime you see ball make you wanna cry
Cause my nigga had G and you know he could rise
From the streets to the big league
From the ghetto to the palm trees
We pour liquor caused he moved on
You shed tears but you stayed strong
And at the funeral made jokes about his birthday
His last words was same time but a different place

[Chorus 2x's]
And a time I burn a cross
For the nigga I lost
One slug took the life of my young thug in cold blood
R.I.P. to every daddy on Ken D
I'm missing ya'll till this cold earth send me
Sippin a sprite
Breakin my life
When the day turn night and just write
Till I bed wrinkle
Dippin these hoes till I plant sequel
Running around with that desert eagle
Like it was a bit legal
I got a call from my uncle state
Said it will be a while for they let him out them gates
Drop the phone as the tears hit the tip of my ears
I'm gonna disappear if he gotta serve more years

[Chorus 2x's]

Them Boyz - 504 boyz (feat. Mac, X-Con)

Who dat nigga?
Nigga you know me? (yeah nigga uptown)

Watch them boyz, watch them boyz, y'all know them boyz?
you better watch them boyz
Watch them boyz, watch them boyz, y'all know them boyz?
you better watch them boyz

See that nigga with the slugs he got the gat
See that nigga in the black he got the sack
See don't fuck with them niggas when they on they shit
And don't fuck with them niggas in the No-Limit clique (ya heard)
See calio boys they don't give a fuck
But them 504 boyz they'll bust you up
When they doin' bad they'll rob your ass
Run from the taz then hustle and grab
The one thing my niggas, they don't stunt
But they'll fuck your bitch then smoke your blunts(ya heard)

[Chorus x3]

Man look who them niggas with their rag on and the gold teeth?
I know them boys know me
I know them boys heard of me
Probally wanna murder me
Probally got some niggas outside smokin' out my ride
But I hope they got they bullett proof vest on
Cause I be shootin' like a fiend shootin' hairon(heroin)
Oh where you from dog (where you from) oh is that right
Now get the fuck before I show you what this mack like
You niggas must be made of (?)
Cause y'all just stumbled in the wrong hood trying to get your rap on
Tell the D.J. cut the lights on
So we can take it outside and get our motherfucking fight on


They got me running through this dirty maze I feel a trap
Foot prints all through this dirty grave with a (?)
Coming (?) with two heaters stuck in my britches
You niggas keep on chasin I'm taking some of you with me
I don't wanna hurt nobody, tell me if it's the end
God forgive my sins cause I gots to make it in
Tried it playing with the good but my hood is raw
Head busters and wig spliters, it's all them so
Aint got time for the game no more hoes always in us
It's all about the fame now hoe, got you niggas jelous
All the old killers I ran with, let me show y'all the difference
Gotta watch them on the streets like I watch them other prisoners

[Chorus x2]

Moving Things - 504 boyz

Baby baby get up what?
You'e already late for work
What time is it? Its 10 30
Oh yeah I forgot tonight, I'm working the graveyard

I know my man is moving things
9 to 5 baby, I got a job baby.
I hope one day my nigga change
All the time baby I'm on the grind baby

I keeps that 9 in my drawers cuz you know I like to ball
Nigga I ain't Warren G, but sometimes I want it all
Flip a half into a whole, I mean an ounce into a brick.
Get it for sixteen five, me and my niggas gonna be rich
Put them 20's on my Benz so you know I got so mens
Keep your eyes on your enemies and nigga watch your friends
See in this game you get schisted I get some niggas that don't like me
See the Ghettos trying to kill me, and the feds wanna indict me
On a murder I didn't do, I'm still thuggin with the crew
Because once you snitch then you threw but if u hustle then you true
Would you live for this shit? would you die for the click?
Sell your soul to get rich and run your mouth like a bitch

[Chorus (2x)]

Nigga we hustle the streets so lets fuck the police
My enemies don't want to see a nigga up on his feet
I got the chrome for the haters and burbs on the table
Give my life for my niggas and we splittin the paper
They say thuggin is the secret that help a nigga fall
OZ's flippin quickly to see we never fall
The grind got us strapped with 9's on our lap
The crime is a trap chop dimes of crack
Hennesy got your mind if you slip you might die
Penitentiaries give us time I'm fighting for mine
If I die in this game send my soul to God
I'm making mine in this game even though it's so hard

[Chorus (2x)]

Yo baby, guess who stopped by today? who? guess?
Your sister came from California? mnn mnnnn.
I ain't got time for all this guessin I just got home from work
Come on I want you to guess, we gonna play a game
Your auntee from Jersey? mnn mnn, wrong again
Who? The mother fucking ATF that's who?
What? yes you know what I'm saying.
What, you running them games on me?
You let them in the house?
Hell ya what am I supposed to do I didn't know what to do
They wanted to search the house and if they find some
Mother fucking dope in here they are gonna take my children
Away and I cant be having that shit. Man, slow down, slow down.
Slow down? slow down? ima slow down, ima slow down.
You know what? I'm tired of this shit and another thing
I called your mother fucking work today and guess what they told me.
You haven't been to work in the last 6 months
Now what you been doing huh?
How the fuck you think you get all this shit you have?
I don't know how I get it. you tell me that's what I want to know.
You don't want it? Tell me where you get it from.
Don't play with me you know what happening
Hmm hmm I know what's happening. you know what?
I don't want this shit. Fuck it all. Fuck it all

D-Game - 504 boyz (feat. Master P, Terror, Krazy)

Nigga this motherfuckin 504 shit deep
The South done hooked up with the East baby
The Colonel Master P, Terror, and I am Krazy
I'm thugged out Feel it

Wuz up playah ya' slick with that
Hundred G chain with the bracelet to match
Well check this out here wodie lay on the ground
For I show your clown ass how these hot balls sound, they goin'

Click Click blouh blouh Click Click blouh
Click Click blouh blouh Click Click blouh
Click Click blouh blouh Click Click blouh
Click Click blouh blouh that's my style

Problem with Terror take it straight to gun
So we can keep it coporate give up your block and run
Too much paper here to try an' count by ones
Whole head cross me, our hollow wall is young
For you haters on the streets tryin to measure my blow
If you see the new whip know to add nine o's
Now I'm up to 2 bricks or 72 o's
If you counting by the whips then it's 8 different flopes
I'm heavy lover whether diamonds or broads
Heavy lover whether cocaine or cars
And what I hop in, its my option
To shift your mass put chronic in your dash


[Master P]
Now if its on put the dope in the bag baby
You come short I'm gon' bust yo' ass baby
The neighborhood dope man fool yeah that's me
I'm out that 5-0-4 to that C-P-3
Give me an ounce and I'm gon flip it to a brick nigga
You got my scratch--you snitch then you a bitch nigga
Hit the pen you probably gon' be a missed nigga
So here's some prop for your motherfuckin tiss nigga

Imagine all the bricks in the projects was made of cocaine
I'd be richest young nigga in this rap game
All my money come in arm of trucks
More cars more houses more hoes to fuck
You wasn't worried when I was local nigga, I'm world wide
You niggas can't take it, You petrified
The let me loose out that I reveal, Thuggin wit P
It's No Limit until I die yall can't fuck wit me


Enemies - 504 boyz (feat. X-Con)

Yall muthafuckas better keep yall eyes open (Ha)
You ain't gotta see ay muthafucka to get hit

I got some enemies
I know they coming to get me
And if I gotta die taking some yall with me
They best to be prepared for this war
Cause I'm get cha
I gotta infa-red
It's guarenteed to hit cha
Got a hole click of muthafuckas
Call them souljas
16,17 knockin heads of ah sholders
I told ya
We all screamin loud cause we bout it
I'm stunntin throught my hood
Get your pussy ass crowded
Bitch I'm from that route
Strictley bout that g'z
Knockin of enemies with them two 23es
Gotta get em for they cheese
Pass It to tha bg's
Them niggas we don't know
See ya can't get these
All I know is money
All I see is greed
Bustin Heads to the fact
Trigga finger on tha squeeze
Nigga please
Iheard you was workin for them focks
That's tha reason you bitch ass niggas gotta go
Enemies with no faces

Enemies Enemies
Enemis with no faces [x4]

We loced up and we still on a mission
Ridein four deep
2000 Expedition
Got a hole click and we strapped
Case we get into some shit
Gotta keep them in there place
Niggas all in my face
Fuck All these hoes and these no nos
And ride on some 22es low pros
And some mo mo
Kickin in your front door
Lookin for them mo z's
Strapped with them 44es
A click full of bg's
Alot of yall niggas still believe it's a game
Sence I made a come up
That shit bout to change
Either yall can roll with tha click that I'm with
Or every time I see you
We get off in your shit
If you can't stand the heat
Get the fuck out from the stove
It's all about tha cheese
Got no time for these hoes
I mean if you really wanna see me act a fool
Well get into my shit
And watch me grab for the 2
On tha cool it's the rules
You Break 'em you die
You thought you was bad
They think you can ride
Ain't know sence of catchin other cases
Fuck with the perpetrators
Them enemies with no faces


Souljas - 504 boyz

"Anyone contesting Tha Dogg Pound, guaranteed instant death"- [RBX]

[Snoop Dogg]
It's them Dogg House niggas wit' them 504 Boyz
We the real McCoys
Wit' the plastic toya
Pop, pop
Grab the glock
Cock the muthafucka, No Limit niggas, we can't be stopped
Did you hear me?
Ya heard me
Record breakin'
Hit makin'
Can't bake 'em
Real estatin'
Never hatin'
Shakin' up the game
Bringin' the major pain
Yea nigga, we all in the same game
We enlighin'
Never fightin'
And we got them muthafuckas bitin'
You fuck wit' P, you fuckin' wit' me
You fuck wit Silkk, you fuckin' wit' me
You fuck wit' D, you fuckin' wit' me
Nigga what, that's my whole family

[chorus 2x Krazy]
What, you bitches goin' to war now (war now)
No Limit got this rap shit on lockdown (lockdown)
Wild out, bitch niggas when we come through (come through)
I hope you wear a vest, souljas touchin' you (touchin' you)
I'm bustin' you

[Master P]
I'm on the run, I head west wit' the dogs
504, that means ball til' u fall
I ain't bout' no playin' nigga, it's on and poppin'
You either workin' wit' those boys, or you out ther shortstoppin'
Now keep you eyes on the prize nigga, don't fuck wit' the hos
Cuz you see at night in the bricks nigga, anything goes
Now you can bulletproof you chest, and they'll bust your head
NIgga you scared to pop, then you could get an early grave
Cuz, one time don't worry me
I'm a third ward nigga til' they bury me (hahaa)
Two times nigga, shut it down
It's No Limit, we it on lock wit' the pound

[chorus 2X]

Fresh out the courthouse, fuck the world, I'm finally free
Ask them bitch niggas who snitch, is they ready for me
My proverbs to the tank, believe I love it
Since that "Bout' It Bout' It" album, I was dreamin' of it
Ride wit' me, through the south, as I cruise through Texas
A young soldier, wit' about a hundred grand in my Lexus
On my way from Houston, after I scored the coke
I rather, step to jail than my family be broke
But I owe five hours, I can barely breathe
Please lord forgive me for my sins, I got kids to feed
Ain't no nigga in the Ivory Ville givin' me shit
They went from trick to a bitch and buy that ho a fit
But my souljas, before it's over off top
Before I'm sayin' to my dogs everytime the dope is chopped
Feel that, my niggas will ride wit' me
Snoop and Master P said that they'll die for me

[Chorus til' song ends]

No Limit - 504 boyz (feat. Magic)

[Chorus: Magic]

Bitch i'm a soldier (until the day that i die)
A No limit soldier (yes i am, yes i am)
I thought that I told ya (and nothing or no one could ever change that)
Ain't no need to ask me why I'm a soldier til i die.

I'm a soldier see the tank on my neck?
Mr. Magic is my name y'all better give me respect
You might remember me from seein' me postin' up on the block
With a .45 Glock
and a mouth full of rocks
Hustlin' like I didn't even care
Wakin' up my neighbors poppin' pistols in the air
Tryin' make a million pullin' all night flights I'm praying cuz I'm
knowin that my life ain't right
Forgive cuz I'm wrong but I'm begging or forgiveness
And now I'm hustlin' in a whole other business
Tryin' to do right for the people that I hurt
in the process of growin up
I've change my ways i guess thats why I'm blowin up
I'm comin' back for all my peeps
Just try to stay alive and keep your ass off the streets
For the ones that gotta hustle just to eat
Lord, I say a prayer for you before i fall asleep


How man heard Sky's the Limit?
Shit i ain't finished this is only the beginning
I'm with no limit
Just think I'm in my prime
If I'm not the best just give me some time and I'll change your mind
Niggas like me hard to find
Genuine I'm the only of my kind young black and full of pride
With a mind to teach the whole world
If you just listen to my words
Y'all can feel my pain
A lot of years wasted, buku friends died a lot of wet faces
The other half caught a bunch of fuckin' cases
So still a lot of tender spaces
Wish I could erase the hate
Who said money makes you happy?
It can never bring back my daddy
So fuck the Navi and Caddie
I'm hopin' y'all could hear me
Cuz I'm speakin' this from the heart
Me and my fans never torn apart


And to the haters that be hatin' on my click
Find a spot in line or suck a nigga's dick
I'm gettin a lot of call now
Bunch of fake bustas I couldn't ever trust ya,
fuckin blood suckers
Want me for the gift that you never thought I had
I saw your other side, but fuck it I'm mad
You say a lot of shit but you never ponit the finger
I'm guessin' that Mr. Magic gon' remember
Surprisin' a lot of so called superstars
Passive comments but really don't want go to war
Not with me my reputation stands for itself
Just pull the disc out can't keep it on the shelf go and get it like
it's the last one left
I work the piss out the people who press 'em
I thank the lord for such a wonderful blessin'
Every word that I speak is a lesson
hard to believe that this nigga is from the projects


Say Brah (Radio) - 504 boyz (feat. Mac)

[Master P]

Say Brah,
I got to say wassup to all the soldiers and soldierettes
and to this district system free Soulja Slim
cause they jocking our style ya heard me?

[Mac (Master P)]

Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)

What you bout? I'm bout war
What you bout? I'm bout war


Say Brah
You fake thugs best to get out the way brah
You wanna stop the tank you better pray brah
I'm a tiger, my flow be deadly just like a kabra
get to bustin', old folks be hustlin', talking bout hey
Don't you play with him wodie he ain't afraid to spray brah
His little partners come through with choppers in broad day brah
Thugs like 50 Dollars and Fiend,
thugs like Magic, Wiz, Woo, Ween, and my auntie B
Tell them fakers we back and there ain't no stoppin my doggss
bezzled up a few haters and Feds watching my doggs
and we on the grind, in '99 we let you all shine
now that army is back so I'm back taking what's mine
I'm representing these gold tanks with the ice in it
hated the likes and see it, these niggas nice with it
Thugged out, Tru 2 Da Game, livin' up to my name
so when you the that soldier gear on my frame you holla

[Mac (Master P)]

Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)

We bout war
What you bout? I'm bout war
What you bout? I'm bout war

[Master P]

Hoody Hoo!
Hey brah I'm cold with it,
if you don't know me just roll with it
Ask them thug girls about the P
and where I'm from?, say brah, I'm out that CP3
Nigga my boys we don't play no games
cause I roll with head busters and we'll throw them thangs
now say brah, I really got a Bubble I Hummer
but say brah, I ain't no uptown stunter
I'm out the streets and I like to shine, say brah
Ya'll better respect my mind, say brah
I'm the realest 3rd baller you know
plus I brought a couple of homies wearing golden do-do's
Say brah, Is you really a soldier?
Say brah, won't you pass the doulja
Say brah, do you really want beef?
and put a million thug soldiers on your street?

[Mac (Master P)]

Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Say Brah (No Limit)
Will you please get up out they way brah? (No Limit)

I'm bout war
What you bout? I'm bout war
What you bout? I'm bout war

"Ballers" (2002)

Tight Whips - 504 boyz (feat. Lil' Romeo, Magic, Yungsta)
Haters Gon Hate - 504 boyz (feat. Choppa, Curren$y, Krazy)
Yeah Yeah - 504 boyz (feat. Slay Sean, Young Blaze)
Get Back - 504 boyz
My Life Is Sweet - 504 boyz (feat. Afficial, Curren$y, Krazy)
Tell Me - 504 boyz (feat. Krazy)
War - 504 boyz (feat. Afficial, Curren$y)
Everywhere I Go - 504 boyz (feat. Curren$y)

Tight Whips - 504 boyz (feat. Lil' Romeo, Magic, Yungsta)

We roll tight whips, everyday
Bentley, Lex, Mercedes, and Escalades
We roll tight whips, everyday
Hustlin to make that paper, but that's ok

[Verse 1]
They say dat Choppa acting funny
He ain't holla'd a day
He got the top back, you know his new Z28
Holla at ya (BOY!) with the 8 of us 8
But they like my rims they just non-stop (SPREWELL!)
Look like they runnin away

[Verse 2: Magic]
I'm doing 80 in the lightin
Duece trays on shine
The cops try to pull me over but my rims done blinded em
Cus I got 4 models in the back of my truck
18" Bazooka bumpin my stuff
Waking the BLOCK UP!

[Verse 3: Master P]
Call me Ghetto Bill cus my seats they be Gucci
And when I roll through the hood I got 2 or 3 hoochies
Lou Vaton Airbags 'case I crash bad
Futuristic kidded up like I'm Batman
Represent the PROjects
TV when I roll that
Gamblin for a car, no
Hope I don't blow that, WHOA!


[Verse 4]
We roll big body Benz it's the navigators
In the hood, servin freaks like I'm a restaurant waiter
Blue lights on the Jag cus I love to shine
Keep it by my shorty so that we be hard to find
I ain't pay the car note, in about 3 months
I'd rather, spend my paper on Henney and blunts
Even when the truck stop those things be constant spinnin
I'm a 504 Boy so I'm constant with it

[Verse 5: Yungsta]
Roll around in tight whips
Catch me on the night shift
I'm just a Yungsta, I roll without a license
My dogs is triflin, homie you can bite when
First one in the hood on the block with the ice rims
My seats be piped out, TVs with the lights out
Had these blinkin when I passed, try not to wipe out
Dash with the wood grain, still in the hood man
Catch me on lean car clean we doing big things


[Verse 6: Silkk]
The way we do it
She got a man, but she still gonna turn around
Bentley, a bucket with chicken I'm like ma, go turn em now
It's like No Limit said it, we all day, no loss
Just parkin lot pimpin, car changin colors
These boys go hard off

[Verse 7: Master P]
We leave the tags in the window, whodee
Cus it's worth about a hundred
V12 with remote control (cha-cha) engine runnin
P.Miller throwbacks, with the convertable shift
Candy paint thong version with the iced out chip
Yokahama tires, whodee, but I only got 3
No Limit Boys we thuggin I get a high for next week!

[Verse 8: Lil' Romeo]
I'm fish tailin my dad, and I'm rollin on drops
Sportin Sprewell to the curb I think I saw the cops
They call me Richie Rich, I got my name in the seats
X-Box in the front and the back DVDs
Got TVs in the head rest with the big wide screen
Got the navigation system with the phone in between
Rollin a coupe with the top down when I go outdoors
We roll on whole days around here, that's 24s


[Jamaican flow]

[Verse 9]
I got that whip block paint off, my ride air ding dong
The nose on my hood just like my ride stay PISSED off
I roll through yo hood they ask me do I call lift off
Like if it was made out of space with 20s and crishtoff

[Verse 10]
Go real glistens
These chicks, call me Mista Cleana
A firecracker, big ballin, it's something you've never seen
I'm sippin lean, off thick playin on 6 TV screens
Interior green, 24s, but you know, it ain't no thing

[Verse 11: Master P]
We ghetto fab, let our bling bling show
Driveway like a dealership, don't walk no more
We wiling out, all day, all night
Cus this is my life, my life, my life...

Haters Gon Hate - 504 boyz (feat. Choppa, Curren$y, Krazy

[Chorus: Curren$y]
When I pull up at the club in a big black
Truck on dubs (these niggas gon hate)
Cause I'm doing big thangs, and I got a lot of ice
In my chain (these niggas gon hate)
When I come through the door, and take all the hoes
I know (these niggas gon hate)
Cause I'm playing with some chips, and I make a lot of hits
I know (these niggas gon hate)

I don't know if it's the Porsche or the Lamb, that make these niggas
Hate me, like I'm a member of the Klu Klux Klan
I mean god damn, how much money I got in my hand
Really don't concern you man
But I know why you niggas boot me up
Cause I come through pushing brand new Coupes and stuff
You say you wanna shoot me up
Because I got a pair of Jordans won't be out for at least two months
They call me Curren$y the Hot Spitter
And that's cause I keep my money, in stacks
I know they got hatas out to jack niggas
So that's why I ride, with my gat
A glock and a mask in the dash of the Jaguar, and that's a X-K-8
And if you cross me, you'll die dog
So I advise y'all, please don't hate

[Chorus: Krazy]
When I walk in the club and the bitch
Touching bread starts smiling (these niggas gon hate)
When I buy the bar, hit the flo' just start wilding
You feel that (these niggas gon hate)
When them tires on the Navi just keep on spinning
Look at that shit man (these niggas gon hate)
In the club thugged out, with my P. Miller denim
Nigga see that (these niggas gon hate)

With a high rich I get I still remember, the bad times
In the Ville rock hustling, with a loaded nine
All the niggas said I'd never make it, be friends now
All the dick-riders see this bitch, take a while
All the hoes that never liked me, wanna fuck me
I'll two-way you for some head, you can trust me
It must be this tank, or the shiny gold teeth
Make these hoes get wet, everytime I speak
These streets I push weight, silent nigga
Unless you turn me into a, violent nigga
Smiling in my face, nigga hate behind my back
And you wonder why these bitch ass niggas get smacked
No fear of the police, only the feds
Catch him snitch late night, I'll bust his head
No love for these hating niggas, or the informants
Ask bank run about me, my account's enormous

[Chorus: Choppa]
When I'm walking through the mall, I'm chilling with my dogs
Or my girl (these niggas gon hate)
I don't even notice nigga why you spoke to this
Nigga got a choke me a hater (these niggas gon hate)
This 8 is beginning this 8, no gimmick
This the New No Limit (these niggas gon hate)
And all the ladies love Choppa, cause they know
He's such a poppa but all (these niggas gon hate)

Niggas gonna hate no matter what you do
So if you don't fuck with me, I don't fuck with you
And I could care less, who did what with who
See I love when you hate, so do what you do
Rolaid, I understand that's your crew
But them cats ain't got no love for you
Y'all wonder why, your careers and you died
Cause your songs sound the same, like you doing a lie
Don't wanna do nothing else, then shake the streets
That's why I'm glad big rap gave a dang to me
And my nigga Master P gave the flame to me
Making hits after hits, what it came to be
Not just a boss rapper, but a hot m.c.
All them other niggas sound like me, think about it
I'm Choppa, that Westbank show stopper
If you sick of me, then nigga go see a doctor

When I pull up at the club in a big black
Truck on dubs (these niggas gon hate)
When I buy the bar, hit the flo' just start wilding
You feel that (these niggas gon hate)
This 8 is beginning this 8, no gimmick
This the New No Limit (these niggas gon hate)
Cause I'm playing with some chips, and I make a lot of hits
I know (these niggas gon hate)

Yeah Yeah - 504 boyz (feat. Slay Sean, Young Blaze)

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

[Master P]
Check my status, then check my name
You want to win give me the ball, the last play of the game
Cause I'm a big time baller, shot caller
From Uptown, got a house and a quarter
You wanna fight me, then bite me
Stop tripping cause your baby mama like me
We roll Benzes, Beamers, Ferraris
Then we smoked out our band new parlay
I'm like Randy Moss, throw me a pass
I'm like Belvin Davis, bout to bust your ass
Call me Austin Powers, cause I leave you groovy
I ain't R. Kelly, don't make no movies
But I'll freak you, won't beat you
You buck then I'll be the preacher
We in it, we winning
They can't stop the New No Limit

[Chorus: Slay Sean - 2x]
You wanna be me, we off the heezy
Catch me on the block, black V-Tweezy
You see the rims spinning, yeah we still winning
Who we be, the New No Limit

[Slay Sean]
Fresh out the hood daddy, look at the wood daddy
You see the neck you see the wrist, that's mad karats
Dog I'm past average, my lifestyle's lavish
Ya'll can keep the hood, I'm bout to jump it off in Paris
I got a lot of habits, love stacking cabbage
You ain't no where near my level son, don't get embarrassed
We push the hottest whips, we on that baller shit
We cop our jewels like rat, give me all of this
Bout that foolishness, bitch like a Jewish kid
I'm that dude in the club, with the bluest wrist
My whole crew is thick, you can not fool with this
I'm bout my paper, and I don't plan on losing it

[Chorus - 2x]

[Young Blaze]
Hey yo it's still me Young Blaze, still in the mix
You could catch me in a six lil one, still in the bricks
In that 5-0-4 flip it, drop the O
And you left with that four-fifth, cocked at your do'
I'm country so I talk slow, walk even slower
Sip henny in a pickle jar, chickens in a Rover
Yes sir, got Seawoodson's on the truck grinning
Like if I could stop blinking, maybe they could stop spinning

[Chorus - 2x]

Get Back - 504 boyz

[Chorus: Master P]
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)

[Verse 1: Currency]
Roll up with both the doors up on the black Lambo
Red rag round my head like the black Rambo
A bananna clip with 50 hollow tips of ammo
Smoke a nigga how a prisoner smoke Camel's
Got blacked out tints, Niggas like who is that?
I give a hatin' nigga 2 shots where his ribs at
Ya better not snitch cause I know where ya live at
I have niggas pissed, Don't know where they kids at
Cause once the beefs on you can't call a war off
I'll let the raw buck, Knock ya fuckin' car doors off
Switch phone numbers just to piss the whores off
Cop a 6 while you bitch about how much the 4's cost
The hot spitter is real, What the deal?
One hand on the wheel, The other holdin' the steel
Play with it if ya will, But this some real shit
My niggas done put out more hits than Will Smith

[Chorus: Master P]
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)

[Verse 2: Master P]
Call me tiger cause I live in the woods
I'm like Tarzan when he run through the hood
A couple of wild coyotes chased me but couldn't catch me
?? and Lacey pulled me over but couldn't arrest me
Once the radar on I'm like the Preadator
We pop pills like Anvil and Excedra
Call me a blender, I put ya in a mix
Let go my eggo and pass me the purple twist
Throw them bows, We got the club jumpin'
XL like Jordan, He got the beat pumpin'
I'm famous in the ghetto like Amos Cookies
In other words I'm a vet and ya'll rookies

[Chorus: Master P]
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)

[Verse 3: Silkk Tha Shocker]
If he ain't talkin' like I'm talkin', Tell him get the steppin'
I'll +Nicolas Cage+ him, Whodie I'm +Gone In Sixty Seconds+
We ball 'til we fall, I mean we shop 'til its gone
Why drive a car if it don't match what I got on
If I do something I usually get the block involved
You don't wanna get outta line whodie, That means the glocks involved
Ya'll cowards, Always run and gets the cops involved
You ain't gotta wonder if its me, You know is me nigga the top will be off
Look, You ain't did shit 'til you flipped bricks in a drought
You ain't had a girl 'til you had like a chick from the south
And nigga respect it even when the clips is out
Let ya borrow the 5 only 'til the 6 come out
They tryin' to get they weight up, I'm tryin' to get my G's up
Make athlete money without messin' my knee's up
Slim he don't know me like that, Whoadie ya best to ease up
Knuckle game is off the chain, Soon as I roll my sleeves up
Holla back

[Chorus: Master P]
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)
Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me)
Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move)
Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move)

My Life Is Sweet - 504 boyz (feat. Afficial, Curren$y, Krazy)

[Chorus - 2x]
My life is sweet
You could tell by the Benz and the Beamers and the Jeeps
Big wheels, big grills make them say oooh-weee
Custom made Bentleys, t.v.s, mink seats
Make them scream wha-wha

Cars and shut it down any set, first dude in the city
To have Intevet, equipped with the Internet
Performance chip is faster than any jet
I'm down the block, and you ain't even start your engine yet
I use to hustle on the block for rent
Met P and I ain't came out of my pocket since
See all these chicks wanna get with me
Because the 6 got more appliances than Circuit City

[Chorus - 2x]

Afficial we the Reebok boys, call us a classic
And rap slowly up on the block, gun and a package
I leave the country cause Paris cooler
Fall back and take a day off like Farris Bueler
Young punks I'm the ruler, you follow my lead
Slow down I been doing this, the product of speed
Can't roll but I'm a weed blower, I get my ki's lower
16-5 a few weeks, I'll have a green roller

I thought I told you the flow don't stop
And it ain't No Limit on the stage if the show don't rock
You can still catch me up in them clubs
In that 2K3 Yukon sitting up on them dubs
Since they wanna know about my whip
I'ma tell em like this, I got enough keys to start a dealership
Now how they think they floss toys
When we in places, so far from home they call us the Lost Boys

[Chorus - 2x]

When I go to the lot, they call me Connect Four
Cause I bought four cars on the road, with four doors
Spend another mill, put diamonds on the grill
Push a button, and my gun pop out the steering wheel
It's real, stack dough and make more
While you cats come up slow like Lamborgini doors
You might see me in a Range, you might see me in a Porsche
I get paid every month like child support

Luxury, I love that bird it's easy
Lift it out, but still a Jag can't please me
But a 6, without the rims is cheesy
Like a bitch, I like my tires breezy
The spinners, on my Navi to tease me
With a sunroof open, it's kind of breezy
With a tank on my neck that just might freeze me
I'm scared of a Viper, she'd like to see that

[Master P]
You ever ate a cheeseburger, on a million dollar plate
Flew to Paris or France, just to get away
Like to party, so we buy the club
Every whip that we drive, be on 24's or dubs
The new Hummer, had it before it came out
200 and 50 G's, I put it in my mouth
Bought a mansion whodie, just to make music
Like the President got a jet and don't even use it
When it comes to ghetto balling, there is none higher
Get a supermodel for a banker, two million dollar wires
In the winter whodi, we sleep on mink coats
In the summer we on the water putting chandeliers and boats
My cousin get athlete money, and don't even ball
My son's only 12, and he could buy the mall
Call me Ghetto Bill, cause I love the cheese
I don't gangbang, my favorite color is green

[Chorus - 2x]